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The Armor of God Belt of Truth Object Lesson for Kids

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Looking for hands-on ways to teach kids about the Armor of God? The Belt of Truth Object lesson is a simple way to teach kids about how God’s truth is our firm foundation. This hands on study of Ephesians 6:10-19 is aimed to help your family connect, play, learn, and grow in God’s Word together.

Last week we kicked off Camp Littles of Me: Armor of God with a Scavenger Hunt.  This week we’re learning about building our life on the foundation on God’s truth with a hands on Belt of Truth Object Lesson based off of Matthew 7:24-27.

The belt of God’s truth is our foundation. It is an anchor that secures all of the other pieces of armor in place. The truth of God’s Word helps us know what is right and wrong and helps us stand firm. With so many voices and the constant noise of our culture, it’s imperative that we are rooted in God’s truth.

Today we’re going to visually learn what it means to have our foundation built on Christ. For this object lesson, you’ll need a few simple supplies.

Here’s What You’ll Need: 

  • Sand
  • Rock or brick
  • Pan or tray
  • Pitcher of water
  • Something to build two houses (For the house you can use Magnatiles, wooden blocks, or anything else that you have on hand)

Before you begin the object lesson, read aloud Matthew 7:24-27.

Place the brick and sand in the tray. Make sure that the sand is wet so that it will form a flat foundation to build the house.

Build one house on the brick and one on the sand.

Uh-oh! A storm is here. Slowly begin pouring the water into the tray. Be sure to pour it on the brick foundation and on the sand foundation.

Continue pouring the water until the house on the sand falls down.

Talk about how this object lesson illustrates what you read in Matthew 7:24-27. Why do you think the house built on the sand collapsed when the storm came?

When we build our lives on the foundation of God’s truth we will be like the wise man who built his house on the rock. God’s truth helps us stand strong in the storms of life. Similarly, the belt of truth firmly grounds us in what God says is true so we won’t believe what the enemy says is true.


This free printable and object lesson is just a tiny glimpse of the Armor of God Family Bible Pack. If you want to go deeper you can download the complete Armor of God Pack in my shop. It includes everything in an organized downloadable PDF PLUS so many other printables (a main page for each piece of the armor with the following categories: about the armor, memory verse, main idea, 3 activity ideas (hands on, engage, and create), and let’s talk about it questions.

The pack also includes activity instructions with images, helpful tips, coloring sheets, bonus recipes and activities, verse cards, & more). The extra printables are only included when you purchase the pack! Click the button below to learn more and purchase.

As you and your family learn about the Armor of God together,  I pray that you will see how important each piece is and the incredible truth that we don’t have to fight this battle in our own strength. It’s not us at work, but Christ in us.

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