the messy, imperfect,
ordinary yet extraordinary days.

The days to snuggle your people close and tell them why you love them, blast your favorite song and dance together, make breakfast for dinner on a Tuesday and margin for neighborhood walks on a Thursday. Laugh, play, and laugh some more because this life is just too dang short not to. Our time here is fleeting. This season won’t last forever. Tomorrow they’ll be a little bit older. Today is a gift to celebrate. Let it be marked with silliness, beauty, and joy. So much JOY!

these are the days...

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Real talk: Life is hard. There's no doubt about that. We live in a messy and broken world where difficulty and struggles abound. But I also know this: life is a gift. There are glimmers of beauty and joy all around. There is goodness in this day, this moment, this season. Choosing to celebrate life isn't pretending that life isn't full of challenges. It's not hiding from the struggles or failing to acknowledge that they are there. Rather it's choosing to see the light and beautiful places in our ordinary moments. Celebrating life helps us taste, see, and declare that the Lord is good. 

Today is a gift, sweet mama. Let's celebrate it well.

This space is an invitation to celebrate the small joys in your everyday life.

Encouragement and tools to help you connect with your family and celebrate everyday life.

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